Megan Antosik – Digital Media                                 
Megan Antosik, a district art teacher, specializes in digital media including film and editing software, digital photography, and incorporating innovative ways of technology to traditional media. See examples of work and talk to the artist.

Linette Arnold – Beads by Heart                                                   
A collection of handmade, one of a kind pieces of jewelry that have been designed and created with love. Styles run from fun to fancy.

Walter Banzhaf –Cool Things, Both Electrical & Electronic          
You can: See Your Voice on an Oscilloscope; Make a Volume Control; Make Neat Sounds with a “Drawdio”; Shift Your Voice Pitch Up & Down; Feel Electricity; See Eddy Current Braking; Watch What Happens When Aluminum “Becomes” Magnetic.

Barnes and Noble, Canton – Build your own Maker Space        
Barnes & Noble Canton will showcase some products that are easy to use and would be great to add to a school Maker Space or a Maker Space that you can create in your own home.

BeeZ by Scranton – Vintage Book Purses          
Re-purposed hardcover books fashioned into occasional purses. Original book re-bound as a paperback.

BH Designs, MaryLynne Boisvert – Upcycled Designs Sustainable Fashion              
We rescue natural-fiber clothing that people are done with, and turn it into new items of clothing in original designs. Doing this gives the clothing a whole new life, and removes hundreds of pounds of textiles from the waste stream each year.

Rita Bond – Painting Demonstration
Participate in an interactive painting demo.

Joe Buda – Innovations in Lacrosse Sticks                                  
Joe, from the Simsbury Historical Society and Ken Chapman, from Vincent Sport Shop will exhibit lacrosse sticks through the ages and talk about how they have evolved.

Nancy Bugbee – Make Your Own Buttons                            
Make your own button to keep as a souvenir from the Simsbury Mini Maker Faire!

Lori Racicot-Burrous – Painting a Community Canvas     
Working with the artist participants will create a Kankinsky inspired “community canvas” of colorful hearts and circles.

Community Art Project: Making Monsters
Help us make a community of silly monsters by playing Monster Dice. Participants will draw on large paper and roll the dice to see how many eye, mouths, noses and appendages their monster will have! Inspired by children’s author and illustrator Hervé Tullet.

Lorraine Cosgrove – Enhancing Photographic Artwork Using Digital Editing Software
Learn how the latest digital editing software is being used by this photographer/artist to organize over 20,000 of her digital images, and to enhance her images – starting with basic adjustments such as cropping, color saturation, exposure, and contrast – to more advanced techniques such as adding textures, focus stacking images, creating a panoramic image from multiple images, and choosing from hundreds of presets to give an image a painterly, modern, cartoon, grunge, or water color effect.

John Cudworth – Arduino Driven Solar Panel & Rigid Heddle Loom     
Arduino board which controls a solar panel with a servo motor. Reads and logs the voltage. Homemade wooden Rigid Heddle Loom, with demonstration.

Catherine M. Elliott – Plein Air Painting
The artist will be painting in her impressionistic style on location.

Ethel Walker School Driving Robot
Students from the Ethel Walker School will be demonstrating their driving robot and will be providing a live feed from the robotics competition being held in Hartford.

Cobb School – Wind Tunnels and Bridges
Students have built a model wind tunnel to test the best design for flotation of objects. Bridge Building – Students have designed bridges using toothpicks and glue and tested their strength by attempting to brake them with weights.

Experiment with the Makey Makey
Explore which common objects conduct electricity as we connect a computer to real world objects!

Vincente Garcia – Pottery Making Demonstration
Watch as pottery is molded from simple clay into beautiful objects.

Gumdrop Building Challenge
What can you build out of gumdrops and toothpicks? The possibilities are limitless! Participants can test the strength of their structures. The most original creations will be displayed in the Children’s Room.

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center – Explore Weaving on Different Looms
Come learn how to hand-weave your own fabric. We’ll show you how to use two different types of looms to transform individual threads into scarves, wall-hangings, and anything else you can imagine. Weaving combines art, science, history, math, and physical effort, so get ready for a fun challenge!

Hartford Hacksters – Hardware Hacking Live
Celebrating a year of Making, Hackster Hartford has made and sponsored hackathons in IoT, Alexa and Robotics. We are showcasing the projects we built this year as a group.

Doug Henley – Doo Rite Bots                                                  
Robot sculptures made from recycled objects.

Henry James Middle School – Cardboard Toys
Students from Henry James School will showcase their cardboard toy creations.

Alex Khan – DIY Modular Synthesizers: The Sounds of Tomorrow
Synthesis in music is the creation of sound through oscillation – the electronic form of a harp string reverberating or vocal chords vibrating. These modular synthesizers are the building blocks of electronic sound synthesis, all working together to create noise and shape tones into what we can call music. Each one was hand-built with a few basic electrical components, some complex circuitry, and a whole lotta love. Please feel free to play around make your own sounds – patch the green thing into the blinky thing, turn the pretty glowing knob, flip some switches, press the buttons and have fun!

Libby Karim – Circuit Wizardry
Explore electricity by creating electric quizzes with simple circuits.

Learn to Use the 3D Printer
Register to learn how to use the Library’s Makerbot 3D printer in our Innovators’ Workshop.

Learn to Use the Cricut Machine
Register to learn how to use the Library’s Cricut machine in our Innovators’ Workshop.

Les Crêpes Françaises – Homemade Crepes                         
We are a French/American small business serving crêpes and happiness out of Simsbury, Connecticut. We enjoy being able to share our passion and look forward to sharing our story. Enjoy a sample of our food.

Alice Li – Oringinal Movie Screening of “Bliss”
A woman’s triumph over a wife who has left her. Running time 1:30.

Tom Mach – Chalk Paint Workshop
Creative uses of chalk paint workshop.

Minecraft Play
Join Mrs. Macri to play Minecraft in the computer lab. This activity is drop in, first come, first served and can accommodate up to 20 children at a time.

Paras Patani – Snapology
If you like LEGO bricks, you’ll love this! Learn engineering, robotics, programming, and more.

MakerspaceCT – Air Rocket Workshop               
Build and test pilot an Air Rocket.

Kevin Ryan – Illuminated Sculptures                                                 
3D printing is an art form. Designs are created for business to business retail applications such as visual merchandising and corporate events.

Scratch Sandbox
Drop in to try out Scratch coding with Mackenzie! Participants can play with Scratch code and freely experiment at their own pace. This activity is drop in, first come, first served and can accommodate up to 20 children at a time.

Simsbury Camera Club – Digital Photo Booth                                 
Members of the camera club will be on hand to take photos of faire goers and will be taking personal headshots of individuals in the Business Resource Center area.

Jay Sottolano – Learn about Drones                                        
Learn about what makes drones (or UAVs) fly and the work they can do. Have a chance to control one through a flight simulator and also be a part of watching one in flight. Children (of all ages, even the grown up variety) are welcome.

Teens – Sphero Robot Demo, DIY Flashlights, Slime              
Be entertained by what the Library’s Sphero mini robot can do, create your own DIY flashlight and have fun making your own homemade slime.

Heather Torre, Verdilune Artisan Metalwork Jewelry                    
Learn how to stamp copper and brass blanks with custom designs or initials. Then, use these blanks to create bohemian beaded earrings.

Dick Trask – 3D Printing
Come watch a home made 3d printer at work and view original 3d designed objects.

True North – Teens Hacking High School             
True North offers a welcoming learning environment that can be adapted to meet the needs and foster the interests of each person. According to their individual passions and interests, young people collaborate with True North advisors to master skills and achieve dreams that they prioritize for themselves. As a result, these young people will forge templates for successful learning that can be repeated throughout their lives.

Katie Turner – Community Weaving Art Project                   
Join us to make a community art project! Together we are hand weaving rugs from recycled t-shirts.

Rick Wagner –Tourism                                            
Information on local Simsbury attractions.

Wells Road School – Makers’ Marble Runs                               
Our club’s challenge was to build marble runs. We used the concepts of gravity and friction to design projects out of cardboard and upcycled materials.

Dawn Zillich – Origami Seedling Pots                                    T
Learn to make seedling pots from newspaper. Go from grow to planted; no need to transplant or store plastic trays. Seed pots are biodegradable and fun to make. In 15 minutes you can fold your way to an amazing garden. Bring your own seeds or use some from the library’s seed collection to complete your project.

Tolly Zonnenberg, Friends of the Simsbury Public Library/Investor Angels
Information/Membership drive booth.

Xaq Zukas – Juggling with Fire                                                 
Professional Juggler and Fire Performer Xaq will entertain faire attendees by Juggling with Fire!